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What Is MAD Society? (read by Bethany)

creating amazing mad societies Feb 19, 2024

Hello MAD Coaches!  I’m just going to read through this entire document “What is MAD Society” to make sure you have consumed it and you get to consume it by hearing it spoken from me, as I’m the writer of this vision (love letter) and I look forward to the day that each one of you…MAD Coaches…starts your own business or writes something from the perspective and uniqueness of purpose God has for you!  BE BRAVE!

What is M.A.D. Society? 

My goal is for students to discover their God-given identity,  abilities and purpose through student-led music, art, drama & production. MAD Society offers a safe place to build the confidence needed to be amazing leaders in the unique ways they are each designed by God. This collaborative environment easily produces authentic faith and friendships, (super) naturally.  

M.A.D. stands for music, art and drama. I’ve found that the arts open up an abundance of opportunities for communication, collaboration, and creative endeavors. But more importantly, we have a LOT of laughs and fun as we grow together. 

What Is M.A.D. Society?

The first M.A.D. Society (Music, Art & Drama) was a club started by me in 2020 for the  homeschooled teens in my life. As a Columbus College of Art & Design graduate and mother of 3 biological children and 2 adopted children, I wanted to find a way to use the arts as an avenue for my children and their friends to flourish the way God intended them to flourish.  

The M.A.D Society name, motto, logo and other branding were created by the original MAD Society student members, when after a year of consistently gathering we knew that we wanted to become something “official.”  After 2 successful big spring plays, our Society wanted reasons to meet year-round. The Dinner Theater and Talent Show (which combine form a Variety Show) became perfect reasons, along with society and student initiated social events.  When the third MAD Society started forming (because everyone could see that MAD 1 & 2 were so awesome!) and I knew I didn’t have the time to participate or train them, I decided to make Handbooks. 

Each Society has a Coach & a Wingman as its leaders, with many opportunities for other adults to help make MAD successful.  The Coach & Wingman determine the age range of their society, and the ages of the students in the society will grow with the students.  As students mature, they will slowly be encouraged to take on more responsibilities and contribute more of what they are naturally good at. This creates both a “student council-like” feeling alongside the feeling of an awesome “hangout or party,” which naturally produces healthy friendships and confident leaders.

Each MAD Society will offer unique adventures and goals based on the leaders, volunteers and its members, but all MAD’s should maintain these basics…

M.A.D. Society “IS” 

 -a club where everyone can contribute, shine and be recognized as infinitely valuable 

-a club where everyone is challenged to learn new things, develop new skills, express feelings and opinions safely, work on healthy relational skills, and learn to work well in teams  

-a club where Jesus' love is evident while also respecting differences & honoring people just as Jesus modeled 

-a club where people can be creative without being shamed 

-a club with a clear, written structure that will be followed for the protection of everyone that participates 

-dependent on good attendance for successful performances & healthy student/guardian/Coach/ relationships

-student cell phone free zone

M.A.D. Society “ISN'T” 

-affiliated with any church, nor is there a requirement to agree with the faith statement; you just need to agree to respect the faith statement and not cause disruptions

-a replacement for church or youth group

-a babysitting job for the leaders of the Society

-guardian participation either at meetings, behind the scenes, or with donations is crucial (obvious exceptions will be made to accommodate students with unique circumstances)

-extravagant theater where perfection is the goal; performances might only have 2 elements: performers & a stage

-a place to push political views, controversial religious subjects, share any memes/gifs/videos or anything inappropriate  

-open to bringing friends without permission of the leaders first 

-something you have to commit to all year, but we ask you to keep good communication with the leaders about when you will/won't be participating so feelings are not hurt. The leaders care about you.

-a place for people to be forced to do something, so communicate with the leaders. They want to get to know you, respect & honor you and they hope you do the same for them 

-anything that looks like a lecture class or feels like school

MAD Society Purpose: find & use the God-given giftings, skills and identity of students in a safe environment that naturally creates a community of authentic friendships. MAD Society produces small-scale theater performances structured like a student council and led by a Coach who knows how to spread Christ-like joy and fun so each student can start living out their God-given purpose on earth today! 

MAD Society Vision: to be a group that provides and encourages every MAD student to find  “their people” and find their purpose.

We are infinitely valuable Masterpieces!

We are leaders who will change the world!

Our words will bless, not harm!


~motto of the MAD Members

MAD Faith Statement

I believe that all people are created in the image of a perfect and loving God, that all sinned and are, therefore, deserving of His wrath. God, in his great grace and mercy, provided his son Jesus, who came to earth and provided the perfect sacrifice to atone for our sins. He died and resurrected 3 days later, triumphing over death. His gift of salvation and all Jesus paid for is offered to anyone who accepts His payment for their sins and believes that Jesus is Lord. Their spirit is now alive and one with Christ. Jesus is personable and careful. I hope each Coach & Wingman can be these things to MAD Students. 

MAD is not a replacement for church or youth group. MAD respects and values the fact that in the body of Christ (the Church) denominations have differences, and that should not be a reason to treat anyone in a way that doesn't look like Love. MAD will not exclude participation in their events based on religious views, so long as it does not disrupt the ability to have successful events, relationships and maintain Love.

MAD is attractive because of its somewhat vintage goal of creating “old school” performances that are simple and authentic, showing the personality of the actors and creators, rather than just putting on a show.  Its process is almost void of technology.  It values independent and “out of the box” thinking which is hard to come by in our society today. 

Our culture has perverted the authentic purpose of so many good things.  As a result, people are afraid to go near much of the art world.  This does 2 things: silences our God-given gifts and abilities, and creates a people group that will be unreached if we don’t use our gifts to bring them Jesus.  Let’s bring heaven to earth through MAD Society and restore our students' faith in their creativity and imaginations.

~Coach Baldwin, owner & creator of M.A.D. Society

Head to MAD Society Inc

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