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"What's  in a  MAD  Society  Handbook?..."

There are 2 levels of Handbooks.  Handbook Volume 1 is for new MAD's, younger student MAD's & MAD's that are content with doing 2 shows each year (Variety Show & Spring Play).

Handbook Volume 2 is for advanced MAD's, older student MAD's or MAD's that want to attempt 3 shows each year (Dinner Theater, Talent Show & Spring Play).

Both MAD Society Handbooks contain the same basic introduction, training information, start up procedures, list of supplies, structure of meeting activities and advice.  There are instructions, worksheets and printables for the MAD shows & MAD jobs.  There are calendars already filled in with everything you need to do for MAD, charts to help stay organized that are customized to MAD, meeting agendas & checklists for the Coach & Wingman, "Master Event Guides" to plug your show information into for easy performances & more.

Here is the what the Table of Contents would look like if both Handbooks were combine into one volume...

MAD Society Handbook, Volume 1 

For 1st year MAD's, younger student ages & MAD's who are content with 2 shows each year

  • Variety Show & Spring Play
  • Easy Drama Games, Mixers & Soapbox time
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MAD Society Handbook, Volume 2

for advanced MAD's, older student ages & MAD's that are ready to do 3 shows each year

  • Dinner Theater, Talent Show & Spring Play
  • Advanced Drama Games, Mixers & Soapbox time
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  • Videos to lead MAD Meetings, bonus tutorials, advice & tips & tricks for each show and Q&A with Bethany
  • PDF versions of much of the MAD Handbooks
  • Extra mixers, drama games, cast & crew party guides, just to name a few...
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What  the MAD community is saying...

“I'm so thankful for MAD. We had been looking for something like MAD for years.”

Debbie, MAD parent

“When I sit back and see all the different ways MAD has allowed me to pour into my MAD students, it amazes me. We are just having fun together, but so many important skills & friendships are developing. I can only give God the credit for how beautifully it all pulls together.”

Jacqui, MAD Coach

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