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About Bethany Baldwin, Owner & Creator of all things "MAD"...

“Once upon a time, there was a girl who went to art school to become an interior designer. She did not end up pursuing that degree. Instead, she found her prince charming at a school a little north of hers, and graduated from art school early so she could get married and have some babies.  So the title of Fine Artist was earned instead.

Three children and an unanticipated, successful portrait photography career later, she and her prince decided to take on something that would be difficult. Something almost impossible! Something beautiful. Their household of 5 became a household of 7, by way of the local foster care system.

After 9 long years of unhealthy hibernation amidst unmentionable struggles, this girl and her family finally understood how to receive the miracles they needed to survive.  The miracles they had tirelessly prayed for.  

Ready to take on the world and proclaim their good news, tragedy struck, when the world was forced into a different kind of hibernation, brought by an evil virus.  #covid19

Determined to keep hope and fun alive (as our Heavenly Daddy is big on both hope and fun), this girl started a society.  A somewhat secret society.  It did feel a bit sneaky, even dangerous in the beginning, much like the society of the students who loved the dead poets (movie: Dead Poet's Society), but they ‘seized the day’, and now so does she!”

First, let me go ahead and answer the question I get asked all the time: "Did you grow up doing theater?"  The answer is No, I didn't, but I have a very unique list of endeavors that led me to creating MAD, way to cumbersome to expect anyone to read on a web page.

The truth is, the greatest contributing factor that led to me knowing and understanding how to bring a group of people together in fun ways and with an eternal purpose was my mom.  

My childhood was full of fun, color, parties, ministries, living history, travel and a whole lot of costumes. She doesn't know a stranger, and neither do I. 

Thank you, mom.

My life is not a tragedy.  It’s a story of victory.  I am finally the leading character in my own life.  I am God’s favorite!  (Of course, so are you).

I am no longer living my life as anything less than God’s favorite. I don’t have time for anything that may look like kill, steal or destroy. 

I was 4 when my spirit became one with Christ, but it wasn't until I turned 39 that I figured out how to surrender everything I have to Him, 39 when I figured out how to love people but not care if they don’t like me, 39 when I started saying things that had life and value because they were Holy Spirit inspired. 

If I can help even one young person see the steps on the path to find and live out their unique calling, I have succeeded.  We are here to make disciples of Jesus, not just converts. To be Jesus and have others “catch” a life that is saturated by peace that passes understanding. 

I know who I am.  I know Who’s I am.  May this handbook and what it creates help reveal purpose and calling to MANY!  I am living out my purpose, and it’s so awesome!!!

~Coach Baldwin

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