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Music, Art & Drama M.A.D. Society is an easy, all inclusive, low-prep, DIY curriculum for adults who want to become MAD Society club Coaches + original MAD Society Plays & Skits!

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MAD is attractive because of its vintage goal of creating performances that are simple & authentic, showing the personality and uniqueness of the actors & their interests, rather than just putting on a show.  

  MAD Coach: the adult in charge

  MAD Wingman: the person navigating the MAD plane for the Coach (think Top Gun)

What to look forward to if you become a MAD Society Coach...

~A new adventure that bonds each Coach & Student (you will become cool to your kid & your community)

~God’s creative handprint on display through MAD Students and their God-given gifts

~A collaborative¬†group setting free from secular agendas, cell phones, or ‚Äúwrong answers‚ÄĚ because art is subjective

~Vintage-feeling shows that create & build healthy friendships, leadership skills, & personal value

~A way to create community for homeschool co-ops, private schools, nursing homes, churches, ministries, or any group of people looking to be creative while nurturing God's identity in each others lives, together

MAD Coach Job Description Here!

"MAD Society is a wonderful place to enhance creativity & leadership skills! I love every memory I've made in MAD & feel lucky to be part of such a wonderful community!"

~Darcy, MAD Student, age 16

"MAD is a safe & fun environment to reach your highest potential."

~Delaney, MAD Student, age 13

"MAD Society is a place I can bring out my artistic side & perform in front of an audience. MAD helped me connect with friends."

~Oliver, MAD Student, age 15

"My favorite part of MAD is the community."  &  "I love the play and getting to know my role & perfecting it for the performance."

~Grace & Greggory, MAD siblings, ages 11 & 13

The MAD Society Handbooks contain every detail needed to produce these show options...
- Dinner Theater 
- Spring Play
- Talent Show
- Variety Show       
+ Awesome Cast & Crew Parties!
Click here for a complete description of the MAD Society Handbooks

"Do I have to be artistic, musical or dramatic to be a MAD Coach?"

~Absolutely not!  The MAD Society Handbooks have premade lessons with everything you need to expose your MAD students to music, art, drama, production, mixer games, & soapbox time with little to no prep needed.

Common MAD "Q & A's"

The MAD Society "Jobs" process creates a 'student council' style approach with the goal of giving as much responsibility to the MAD students as possible.

"Tell me more about MAD Jobs"

I'm so thankful you found MAD!

I’m Bethany Baldwin, owner & creator of Music, Art & Drama MAD Society.

I want to help you become the kind of Coach that leads students to find, cultivate & thrive in their God-given gifts,


& destiny.

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Our culture has twisted the authentic purpose of many good things, leaving many afraid to go near the "art world." 

This silences God-given gifts & abilities and creates a people group that will be unreached if we don’t use our gifts to bring them Jesus.  MAD can restore our students' confidence in their creativity, imaginations and God-given identity.

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Subscribe to "The MAD Society Ink" for FREE!

Get advice, tips & tricks from Bethany on MAD Society Coaching & life in general.