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MAD Society Recommends...

(Here are some awesome recourses I have found to inspire & encourage continued education in the Arts!

As a MAD Coach you should periodically share these links with your students to inspire them to further explore the arts.

All internet use should be supervised by an adult, especially when accessing YouTube.)

Fashion Illustration

It's me...Coach Baldwin...these are lessons from a class I taught a while back.

Let's design some clothes!

Leather Jewelry DIY

It's me again...Coach Baldwin...with some craft videos from parties I use to host.  Fun parties!!!

Let's make jewelry!

Comic Illustration

One more fun one...a Comic Illustration class :)

Let's be funny!


Julia Makes Theatre

Welcome to Playwriting 101 with Julia Fisher.

Let's Write!

3D Clay Art & Craft

Red Rocking Bird

fun with air dry clay

Let's sculpt!

Basic Design


Graphic Design, Typography, Business Basics and more.

Let's Design!

Music Exposure

Visual Melodies

Beautiful story telling using "sight and sound"

Let's Listen!


Augmented Actor

Augment your acting career with tips, tactics, and tech.

Let's Act!


Shayda Campbell

getting creative no matter your skill level

Let's doodle!

Music Theory & Digital Music Production


learn the basics of Music Production Software to start making your own music

Let's make music!

Fashion Design

Zoe Hong

illustration techniques, figure drawing, apparel tech design/product development & fashion business practices

Let's design clothes!



Explaining theater in Crash Course Theater.

Let's be theatrical!

Graphic Design

4 The Creatives

graphic design skills & freelance design business tips 

Let's make graphics!

Comics & Cartooning

Dave McDonald Art

instructional cartooning and how-to-make comics videos

Let's make a comic!

Interior Decorating & Design

Interior Dezign

education in all aspects of interior design

Let's decorate!

Business Branding & Identity


how to create & design a brand & business identity 

Let's brand!

Industrial Design

Robert Laszlo Kiss

Industrial design sketches, tips, tutorials
Let's design products!

Oil Painting

Paint Coach

techniques, processes & step-by-step tutorials

Let's oil paint!

Landscape & Architecture Drawing & Painting


videos on how to draw & sketch outside 

Let's art outside!


Chris Bray Photography

free photography course videos, tips, tutorials in the world's most wonderful places

Let's photograph!