Music, Art & Drama MAD Society
From Bethany (Owner & Creator of MAD)

Coach’s Job Description Checklist:

❒ Christian & agrees with the MAD Society Faith Statement

❒ likes kids

❒ willing to read this MAD Handbook & maintain it's goals 

❒ reliable

❒ willing to let go of perfectionism for the sake of the process

❒ dedicated to following the rules for Coach and Wingman

MAD Faith Statement

The creators of MAD believe that all people are created in the image of a perfect and loving God, that all people have sinned and are, therefore, deserving of His wrath. God, in his great grace and mercy, provided His son Jesus, who came to earth and as the perfect sacrifice to atone for our sins. He died and  resurrected 3 days later, triumphing over death. His gift of salvation and all Jesus paid for is offered to  anyone who accepts His payment for their sins and believes that Jesus is Lord. Their spirit is now alive and one with Christ.  Jesus is personable and careful. Your Coach & Wingman hope to be these things to MAD Students. 

MAD is not a replacement for church or youth group. MAD  respects and values the fact that in the body of Christ (the Church) denominations have differences, and that should not be a reason to treat anyone in a way that doesn't look like Love. MAD will not exclude participation in their events based on religious views, so long as it does not disrupt the ability to have successful events, relationships and maintain Love.

Before you proceed…

I have created a series of videos, additional activities, and have coaching and Q&A options with a subscription to  The videos can be used to run each of your MAD Society meetings to ensure no important steps are missed and to take the pressure off the Coach and Wingman from having to create a script of their own for each session.  You will be supported by a "MAD scaffolding" until you don't need it anymore, just the way you will naturally be providing "scaffolding" for your students as they grow into self-confidence.

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You are going

to be an amazing Coach.

There are some students

who really need you!

Be brave.