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MAD  Q & A...

Q: Do I have to start with Session 1?

A: You do not.  You can start any time of year with any show, just know that the documents will need to be edited a bit, and the coaching videos will have different timing elements mentioned as well.


Q: Can the Coach & Wingman share an Annual Subscription?

A: Yes, as long as you are only using it for one MAD Society.  You can also share a Handbook, but it might be more convenient to each have one of your own.


Q: In what ways does MAD expose students to the arts?

A: Pre-made song playlists for meetings with a couple facts about each genre, a MAD Art Gallery twice a year to display creative things students make at home, artistic MAD 'jobs' students can pick (or add their own jobs) for the MAD performances, just to name a few.


Q: What age range is MAD for?

A: The short answer is "any age." It just depends on the community you are creating a MAD for & what your goals are. MAD's can be anything from a peer group that will age together to a collaborative multigenerational MAD and plays that fit each MAD's uniqueness.  If you have MAD students who cannot read yet, they will need help at meetings and might struggle with memorization.


Q: What kind of facility does a MAD meet in? 

A: Coaches should aim for a safe space that will allow performances, storage of MAD supplies & is free (if possible).


Q: How often does MAD Society meet?

A: The MAD Society Handbooks divide MAD into 2 sessions.  Each session has 7-8 mandatory meetings, and 2-4 optional meetings, a dress rehearsal & show, with optional social events planned & facilitated by MAD members & guardians.


Q: How is MAD Society funded?

A: MAD Society's should collect a participation fee at the beginning of each session, ticket & concession sales, and optional fundraisers.  MAD participation fee suggestion is $35 - $75 per student.


Q: What are MAD funds used for?

A: MAD Handbooks & the Annual Subscription for the Coach, art supplies, costumes, props, venue fees, scripts, printing services, MAD gifts & memorabilia, cast & crew party, etc.


Q: Do I have to make lesson plans?  

A: No. The MAD Society Handbook includes a detailed Meeting Agenda, show checklists & processes for the Coach, pre-made Drama Games, Mixers, Soapbox Lessons, Music Genre Appreciation guide & all the charts & "printables" needed to facilitate them all.  However, if you would like to make lesson plans because you want to add or change some things about the pre-made curriculum you may, as long as the spiritual & personal development goals for your MAD Society don't deviate from the MAD Handbooks.


Q: Can I do a MAD Society with no plays?

A: You can, but it would be like having a basketball team that only ever practices and never plays any games. With the Handbook & Annual Subscription to, you will have everything you need to confidently facilitate MAD shows.


Q: Do I have to follow the artistic process of the MAD Handbook perfectly?

A: Nope. MAD can be structured to fit its Coach and members. For example, you could make all your  props and backdrops for the Spring Play in the fall and focus on the drama and production in the spring. You could create “themes” for each meeting that go along with the Spring Play. You could split meetings (and possibly the year) into sessions focused on each part of MAD (music, art & drama).  The possibilities are endless.


Q: Is MAD Society only for Christians?

A: MAD Society is a beautiful opportunity for bringing the love of Jesus to all kinds of people.  If a person is disruptive and harms the effectiveness of MAD because of what they do/don’t believe, honor them as you work through the process of either finding a way for them to still participate, or find a way to maintain a relationship with them outside of MAD.  You are an ambassador for Christ, and as a representative of Him, it would be safe to say that this person is someone the Lord is asking you to invest in, even if it’s for one brief encounter.  What a privilege and honor! 


Q: How does MAD Society encourage student participation & increased responsibilities?

A: Student Questionnaires for each show challenge them to take 2-3 MAD Jobs, and as leaders mature & understand the processes of MAD it will get easier to find students that will do complicated jobs & offer (on their own initiative) to help. 

There are plenty more Q&A's in the MAD Society Handbooks, and Coach's have the opportunity to submit questions to Bethany for the MAD Chats live video recordings she provides.

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