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The MAD Society Ink, No.8

welcome 8 inks Sep 29, 2023
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What to Expect When Expecting to be a MAD Coach

~Expect to be trained & supported. Studies and life experiences prove that when people have a mentor to guide them, the likelihood of success increases greatly.  

~Expect a series of videos that will lead your MAD Meetings for you, additional activities & tutorials, and personalized coaching Q&A opportunities with your subscription.  The videos can be used to ensure no important steps are not missed and to take the pressure off the Coach. 

~Expect access to information on everything I (Bethany) am doing in my MAD Society where I am the Coach, and my youngest son’s MAD Society (where I am the Wingman).  You will get to see behind the scenes, as I am constantly finding new ways to bring more fun, more Jesus and more efficiency to MAD.

~Expect to keep all of your own money. Participation fees, fundraising, and ticket sales should all be sufficient to cover your subscription to, costumes, backdrops, art supplies, play scripts, music, possible venue rental, etc.  

~Expect the unexpected! Quite possibly, your specific calling on earth (that is different from any other person's calling) lies somewhere in the framework of what your MAD Society journey will be. Is this your “big one?” 

~Expect to get everything you need in one place with a subscription to

I have faith in the processes created for MAD and in its ability to spread the love of the Lord outside the walls of the church.  I have faith that by becoming a MAD Society Coach, you are serving a goal larger than yourself while you are heading towards something even bigger than what I, Bethany, have created through MAD Society.  

I have faith in you, and so does your Maker.

~Bethany Baldwin, Owner & Creator of all things “MAD”

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