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The MAD Society Ink, No.2

welcome 8 inks Sep 08, 2023
Experience of the arts free from secular agenda identity lens topics

The Experience of the Arts: Free From Secular Agendas

Everything taught naturally comes with either a subtle or blatant perspective (lens) of the teacher. Often it comes with an agenda as well. The perspective from which anything is being taught needs to be evaluated. 

I believe there should be safe places (without prominent secular influence) for kids to learn new skills and realize their God-given identities. 

This is MAD Society’s ‘agenda.’ Our mission statement: Nurturing God’s Identity in Students Through the Arts. It’s never MAD’s goal to shame or not be loving. People and organizations should feel comfortable using the word IDENTITY to secure the agenda the Lord has in mind for us. His agenda is to prosper us and give us abundant life (see Jer 29:11 and John 10:10). Let’s go for it, bravely!

In the Baldwin home, it’s our goal to be the first “lens” our child encounters. The second person that comes along with an opinion about the same topic will appear “wrong” unless convinced otherwise. My husband and I know that if we are the second person to talk about a topic with our children, we could be viewed as “wrong.” 

The world is very loud, fast, and efficient, and they want to provide all the lenses for children. But in my home, we set lenses first, by talking about everything! All topics are on the table, and we view everything as a learning opportunity. 

MAD HINT: The Handbooks have pre-made presentations that include sentence repetition with the hope that you (and the students) cultivate a natural sense of what their IDENTITY is in Christ. And let’s not forget the MAD Motto: 

We are infinitely valuable masterpieces!

We are leaders who will change the world!

Our words will bless, not harm!


Q & A's Day for Kids for sale on Amazon. Its neutral cover lends itself to having a permanent place on your kitchen table and has sparked many unique conversations in our family that have led to opportunities to set some healthy lenses for our kids

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~Bethany Baldwin, Owner & Creator of all things MAD

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