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How to Make a Guardian Letter (for supporting your club)

creating amazing mad societies Feb 24, 2024

Clear, written participant instructions for the organization you are leading will keep you, those helping you, and those learning from you headed, in the same direction.  

I want your organization to be successful, so I want to break down the 3 sections of the letter I send the guardians of my Music, Art & Drama MAD Society so you can provide something similar for your club.  

Hello to all you leaders out there!  I’m Bethany Baldwin, a leader just like you, trying to navigate the ever stressful task of organizing a club of people I deeply care about and this is what I give them several times a year…

This Guardian Letter needs to be passed out before the start of your season or session and before or at any Guardian or Student Meeting as it contains 3 specific sections with information & advice for parents/guardians to help their student get the most out of your club.

Start with:

Dear Guardian of a (your club) student who will be participating in (program or event),

Section 1: The process for how the (leader’s name/s) will (pick or assign parts, positions, give playing time, etc.):

Then include a list of the main document/s describing the goals and process for your club.  

Mine is a “Master Event Guide” for our upcoming show. 

Explain how students earn being selected for parts, positions & playing time.

My process for my drama club is based on age.  I send out messages and wait for responses from the oldest students and work my way down to the youngest.  New students to the club have to select after all previous members have selected. 

Add a note about being respectful of this process and respectful of the leaders as they are trying to do their best and do not desire to hurt anyone.

Section 2: A checklist for setting your student up for a successful experience with the (your groups name):

  1. Fill out all the required club’s documents (list them)
  2. Help your student complete (things students do on their own)
  3. Read (insert ongoing communication by/for the club)
  4. Ask your student if they need help with (insert things students are responsible for)
  5. Take the time to enter all (club name) events in your family calendar

Section 3: Reminders to help (leader’s name) stay sane:

  1. Volunteer (insert how to do that)
  2. Remind your student to (insert things specific to your club)
  3. RSVP (insert how to do that)
  4. Be honest and clear about know future absences and provide it in writing
  5. Encourage use (process or form) if a problem arises in your club {see my video on Leading & Coaching Through Conflict that shows you how to create this form}
  6. Look over the (insert club’s rules & regulations) from time to time {Be watching for a video from me on this topic soon}
  7. Encourage & pray for your (leader’s names)

If you are a MAD Society Coach these letters are pre-made for you to download & use.

If you will let me, I want to include a note about perspective.  I hope that each of us, all people, are leading or pursuing activism in some arena.  It is important to remember that other people have passions and commitments that you don’t have.  This means that YOU and YOUR club might not actually be high on their priority list.  Do not take this personally, because you are probably not contributing to their passions.  Be reasonable when you set goals & expectations for your club, and respect the reasons others are partaking of your club.  Let’s all aim to not disrupt each other's callings.

Also wanted to add that the only majorly important document that you need your students to complete is the registration forms so you have signed permission to be a coach and protection should anything go wrong.  Beyond that it’s up to your discretion as to which MAD forms and documents you use.  If something stresses you out more to use it than to not use it, don’t use it!

~Coach Baldwin

Head to MAD Society Inc

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