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5 Secrets of a Perfect Party (Turn Your Space into an Unforgettable Event)

parties & fun Jan 14, 2024

How many parties have you been to, or even hosted, that you knew were a total flop, or at least it could have been far better, but you just didn’t know how. 

As an event venue owner and avid promoter of parties and fun, I have hosted and attended hundreds of parties and events, I am excited to offer my free single page guide…

5 Secrets of a Perfect Party

Turn your space into an unforgettable event!

This checklist is something I give to anyone renting my venue, and it’s also incorporated into my ministry, Music, Art & Drama MAD Society.

To see examples of amazing parties hosted at my property find Home Sweet HomeStead on Instagram and Facebook pages.

I'm going to give you one of the secrets in this blog and you will need to download the rest from the MAD Society Inc Store in the B.I.R.L. Freebies.

Start with a theme (elaborate or simple) that will be expressed through…



❑   Your food & drink should match the chosen theme

❑   2 selections for each; appetizer, main dish, fruit, vegetable, dessert, and drink

❑   Create heaping displays of food so guests feel like they are welcome to indulge

❑   Small budget: get a ton of cheap food. Large budget: a ton of expensive food

2: SIGHT (included with the free download)

3: TOUCH (included with the free download)

 4: SMELL (included with the free download)

5: SOUND (included with the free download)



❑   First impressions are important. What happens as people first arrive? 

❑   Then a mixer (bonding activity) will get people warmed up & talking to others.

❑   A “main event” will be epic enough to be remembered forever. A “bucket list” activity. ❑   Then some low-key sideline activities accommodate calmer party personality types.

❑   Finally, add a thoughtful element as people leave. 

(Ignore any suggestions above that would be too stressful and discouraging.)

Be confident & brave! You are going to bring joy to many people. 

Hop over the the MAD Society Store to get the other 4 senses.

~Coach Baldwin

Head to MAD Society Inc

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